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  • Agreeable Agony is a local collection of kinkster/crafters that's been around for almost a decade. We'll be selling wax play candles, leather impact toys, bondage rope, ribbon collars, bear claws and finger claws, and rope bondage earrings. Keep an eye out for our blacklight/UV reactive candles and rope! You can check out our full range of merchandise at

Other links:


Fetlife: @agreeableagony




  • The Bone Lady

The Bone Lady sells art and jewelry made from real animal bones and insects. Her plaques and shadowboxes turn death into beauty by combining floral arrangements with animals skulls, butterflies, and moths.

Mermaid Lagoon

Mermaid Lagoon is a roaming boutique. We travel to different events where being weird is celebrated and encouraged. We have costumes, jewelry, and accessories for Mermaids, Unicorns, Dragons and all beings fantastical. We love glitter,shinies, and bright colors. We firmly believe that getting older doesn't mean growing up! Stop by our spot and get MORE FABULOUS!!!

FB/prettyshinyglittery IG/mermaidlagoonct #prettyshinyglittery is also all our stuff

  • Athena’s

Athena's by Elaina offers an all inclusive line of high quality spa products and romance items!

You'll be able to check out tasty body edibles, high quality internal & external toys that vibrate, gyrate & oscillate. Sexy straps ons, soft silicone dildos, toys for boys, bondage items & anal adventure toys are all being displayed!


  • Altered Designs by SMC

Altered Designs by SMC makes items for Kink, Steampunk, Motorcycle and Vanilla lifestyles.

At Haven we will have for the Kinky, a variety of implements of pain and pleasure.

Floggers of many different materials – leather, suede, vinyl, and paracord

Whips braided of Paracord nicely priced for someone starting out.

Other implements include Leather Belt slappers,

My famous “Wacker” – perverted 1950 shoe stretcher,

Antique Rug beaters shaped like kitty cats or gingerbread men,

And now fur mitts for sensation play, made from recycled fur coats,

Some will be made into vampire mitts, with scratches.

Come see what we’ll have you never know what you’ll find.

visit us on Esty at:

  • Wicked Erotic

Wicked Erotic is an adult, kinky fetish company curating handmade fetish gear in New England. Our products are created from local craftspeople with roots in Western Massachusetts spreading across the region. We pride ourselves on connecting kinksters to quality, handcrafted products and services.
Instagram: @wicked_erotic

  • Charter Oak Leather

  • Pheonix Latex

We encourage you all to Rise to the Occasion!
Be that occasion Cosplay, Fetish, Fashion, or Fun the aim to make you feel great in your second skin

The Haven Club Est 1996.

Haven is one of the longest running Goth / Industrial events, with themed parties being held on the last Friday of each month.