The Haven Club - Goth / Industrial / Alternative


What is Haven?

Simply put Haven was created for anyone and everyone to enjoy a non-judgmental space.  We welcome everyone through our doors regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and age (as long as you are over 18, sorry kiddos!). 

It is affectionately known as the “Land of Misfit Toys”, by the creator and promoter Penelope. 

Haven celebrates who you are and gives you a place to express it safely.


Haven is currently a monthly themed dance night that plays Goth / Industrial dance music.

In case you were wondering, no you do not have to be a "Goth" to attend.  Just be you, make some new friends, and have a good time.

Where is Haven located?

Club V

Florence VFW

18 Meadow St

Northampton, MA 01060

9pm-1am / 18+

What is a Goth / Industrial?

Goth / Industrial is a subculture centered around specific genres of music.  That was purposefully a vague definition, since the sub-genres and the amount of mixing that goes on can get confusing for someone new to the scene.

The following are just some of the musical genres played at Haven:

80s, 90s, Aggrotech, Alternative, Dark Wave, EBM, EDM, Goth (Rock, Metal etc) Industrial, New Wave, Noise, Punk etc