Change happens.
Sometimes we like it. Sometimes we don't.
Sometimes it's just beyond our control...

We face a change that is beyond our control.

As of Mid-June, our home, Diva's Nightclub is a 21+ venue.

Having welcomed new college students and baby-bats to Haven for the past 19 years, this is obviously not our preference and we wish that we prevent this change... this is, unfortunately, the decision of the venue.

Since we have to accept it, please know that if you are a frequent guest between the ages of 18-20, we are sorry, we truly appreciate your participation and we look forward to the day you can rejoin us. <3

There are no other major changes to announce at this time.

The next of our Monthly parties will be

Please join us every month to reunite with great friends for fun times at Pioneer Valley's Dark Alternative!
Remember, We Are You!

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